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Why Loxone​

When Citadel Domotics decided to offer Home Automation services, we knew we couldn’t simply offer the same as everybody else. With that in mind we went looking for a solution that met our definition of what a home automation system should be.

We believe a home automation system is about far more than home entertainment or fun technology. The three main functions of a home control system are:

Protection of People

Protection of Assets

Protection of the Environment

All About

Citadel Domotics

Fast, efficient, and honest, Citadel Domotics has become a reputable and well-known systems inetgrator. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.

At Citadel Domotics our focus is solutions. We evaluate each customer's needs and design a system that meets those needs. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure and intuitive automation solution. Our systems do not use internet connected devices and do not need the internet to operate. 

“Before Loxone, my husband and
I always worried about our home. Now, we can relax because we know that our home is watching out for us, giving us more security.”


“With a four-year-old son, I spend a lot of time at home. After lunch, I put him down for a sleep and get on with other tasks around the house without worrying. During this time, the switches in his room are locked to prevent any danger. If the postman rings, the doorbell does not sound; instead, the lights in the living room and kitchen flash to let me know that someone’s at the door without waking my little one up. That’s my Loxone moment.”


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